• Know More About Tilt Tray Trucks And Its Uses

    In today's fast-paced world, the aspect of transportation has become a significant factor in every individual's life. Transportation is not only important for the general public but also play a prominent role for the business owners who are making products of large size such as the car, large generators, big transformers, huge boilers and so on. These companies hire the services like Executive Towing Services to transport their large products from one destination to another by road. These firms use tilt tray trucks for their transporting needs. As per www.autonews.com many car manufacturing firms more often use these unique tracks for the sake of convenience. Read on to know more details about the tilt tray trucks and their uses in the transportation industry.

    In the surface, transport industry trucks built with a flatbed structure with a tilting facility are called as tilt tray trucks. These trucks are commonly seen on the highways, transporting cars and other large equipment used in various industries such as agriculture, power generation and so on. These trucks are mainly used to carry these items with great ease, especially during loading and unloading times. Companies use tow trucks with a tilt tray for carrying several tons of load. In fact, these trucks are designed in such a way to carry any large weight easier.

    Carrying a large finished product like a car, heave boiler is very daunting for the transport companies. Also, carrying such items poses a great risk for the end users as these products are considered highly valuable. In this contest, it has been observed that tilt tray trucks are the right option to transport these large sized items safely from the factory to the desired destination. Shifting or transporting these items by air or by rail is not viable in many ways besides the cost. Hence, the transporting firms across the world have started using these tilt tray trucks to move these products through road. Even to move these large items through the sea, these trucks are needed to transport these items to the seaport.

    As the name implies, tilt tray trucks offer many benefits to everyone. Most importantly, because of the open-end design, these trucks can easily carry any large sized loads of different shape like the building equipment. Also, by using these trucks for loading and unloading activities can be easily performed without many men or machine power.

    When it comes to the cost of using these trucks for transporting cars and other vehicles by road, it is much cheaper than driving the new cars or other vehicles to the desired destinations. These tilt tray trucks can easily accommodate two or three cars depending on their sizes. Also, one can move a large item in a single go. Industries like automobile, agriculture, and construction more often use these tilt tray trucks and hence the demands for this unique transportation facility seems to increase every year.

    Since these tilt tray trucks can tilt according to the convenience of ...

  • Best Way To Choose The Suitable Stereo For Your Car

    The Car Stereo is the most sophisticated and attractive part of your car's dashboard display. Apart from its essential function of managing the audio system of the car, it is the first thing visible to anyone who gets into the car. Therefore, it enhances the appearance value of your vehicle. Nowadays, these head units are usually provided fitted into the vehicle by car companies on a complimentary basis or at an additional cost. Or you can get the stereo installed in the car from outside, depending on the best deal you get. There are multiple companies manufacturing stereo systems for vehicles; you can go through various comparisons of car speaker review on multiple auto industry sites online like www.autos.com.

    In order to understand in depth, the functionality of car stereo, let us first study components of these head units. 1. Source: This function allows us to choose from the various mode of playing an audio which may include CD/DVD, Satellite radio, FM/AM scanner or the option of connecting an external device like phone or iPod through Auxiliary cord or Bluetooth. 2. Preamps: This art functional knobs and buttons on the stereo display which are used to adjust the other audio parameters like volume, tuning of FM channel, balance in sound clarity, time collection, auto connect Bluetooth for making calls through the system in the car by connecting your phone. 3. Amplifier: This device converts the low voltage audio signals sent from preamp into high voltage signals which are sent to speakers. With so many companies' models and patterns available in the market, it may get really confusing for the car owner to choose from. Kindly find below certain tips which may prove helpful. • Size of Head unit: Since different cars have different shape and size of sockets to fit in the stereo system, before finalizing the model, one should find out the size and depth of the socket and also if the car will support it in terms of power requirement. There are basically two types of sizes. Single DIN stereo which is 1 inch tall. And Double DIN which is 2 inches tall. In a socket for double DIN stereo, one can install the one-inch system as well along with other applications like GPS, graphic equalizer, etc. to cover the vacant space. • Sound Quality: A Superior inbuilt power source and efficient circuit design would produce cleaner, sharp and rich sound. Also, the size and quality of speakers matter to enhance the quality of sound. The proper positioning of speakers in from, middle and back side of the car would ensure optimum balance in sound distribution. Options for sound control and adjustment can be explored like parametric equalization • Response to frequency variations: The speakers should be able to maintain the quality of all sort of music, some would require a lower frequency of 50-60 hertz to those who have a high frequency of up to 20000 Hertz. • Compatibility with other sources of music: The system ...

  • Right Choice For The Challenging Road Expeditions

    Exploration works like mining, usually take place in very remote interiors, climatically challenging locations, high altitude limited access areas, General on-road trucks and specialized vehicles are not able to perform too well in these extreme situations. That's why the industry felt a need for designing highly efficient off-road trucks. Off Road Trucks Australia are the pioneer dealers of TATRA trucks, specialized heavy-duty vehicles.

    www.autoexpress.co has very highly reviewed about their models, with top performance during remote expeditions.

    There are certain criteria's which differentiate the specialized off-road trucks from general on-road vehicles:

    Considerable clearance from the ground: While the vehicle is on the uneven stretch of path with all possible obstacles from huge rocks to boulders, good ground clearance ensures smooth movement over these hindrances and also avoids any damage to the underside of the truck which can cause a serious accident. The approach and the departure angles of the structure plays a major role in smooth functioning of the vehicle.

    Anti-skid grip: Especially in slippery terrains like smooth rocks, ice or water there is always a chance for the vehicle to skid and fall. Hence special steel skid plates are used in these heavy-duty vehicles to avoid any damage.

    Stability of tires: In off-road routes, there are usually deep craters and steep movements. Hence independent suspension is used in this category of vehicles to move the tires, with the flexibility and stability smoothly.

    Engine power and gearing: Especially for movements in high-level terrains, the ability of the engine to accelerate the vehicle at a lower gear are very crucial. The low-end torque allows the vehicle to overcome the obstructions without straining the working of the engine. Hence low-end torque is important for every off-road vehicle.

    Types of tires- These vehicles have bigger tires, which have tougher sidewalls and appropriate rubber substance appropriate for a terrain.

    These heavy-duty trucks are used in varied industries like defence, firefighting services with the customized truck to cater to the special needs, mining industry with customized options depending upon the exploration requirements. Other prime users of these trucks are forestry, Oil and gas industry where special vehicles with king frame suspensions are used.

    The types of off-road trucks with few of the list of variants available are:

    1.4X4- The types of vehicles under this include, high mobility cargo carriers, fuel fillers, heavy duty chassis

    2.6X6- variants within this specification are cargo trucks, military troop-carrying trucks, container carriers.

    3.8X8- Cargo and troop handler, heavy duty fuel tankers, trucks with handling units attached etc.


    Since off-road vehicles run on very challenging terrains, there is a lot of wear and tear which happens. Hence there is a need for regular and extensive maintenance schedules for these vehicles. Since there are very limited manufacturers of these special need trucks world over, Repairs and spare part replacement are offered by all the dealers of these highly specialized vehicles.

    These vehicles are both for sale and hire basis, depending upon the intensity ...

  • Are You About to Purchase Welding Helmets?

    Who doesn’t like awesome old school welding helmet? Every person welding needs protection from the sparks to prevent eye damage. So, it is advisable to wear a welding helmet. While selecting helmets, prefer auto-darkening lens. If you need sufficient guidance on welding, it is recommended to visit websites such as www.welding-advisers.com/. This article deals with purchasing the right helmet suitable for the welding job. Choosing the right helmet is crucial as it ensures the much-needed safety.

    Traditional Helmets vs. Auto-Darkening Helmets:

    When buying a welding helmet, choose the type of lens which suits you. While using the traditional helmets, it is not easy to place the light in the perfect position before welding. When you are using very narrow spaces, there is no good space to move a helmet conveniently. Moving them continuously causes neck pain. The auto darkening ones are the best solution for these problems.

    With the auto-darkening feature, the work is much easier. The light sensors placed closer to the lens trace the arc. Once it is deactivated, the helmets turn into material working like a sunglass. This helps the welder to have a clear look at substance he is welding.

    Helmets using standard glass lenses and low-cost auto-darkening helmets use static darkness. While welding different items, different brightness levels are encountered. For changing the brightness, a lens which automatically adjusts should be used.

    It is vital to protect the eye during welding from a very high-intensity light, so better quality should be used. Lenses at entry-level are slow and inter level is a bit fast. In order to be comfortable, it is better to pay for more. These helmets require charging under the sun for quite a long period. Nowadays we find helmets which work with the help of solar energy and the batteries can also be replaced, so selecting one with these options are vital.

    Other Features:

    A heavy weighted helmet can be used only for a short period else will cause neck pain and causes tiredness. A light weighted helmet is preferred as it can be used for a longer period of time and is still comfortable.

    Obey With The Standards:

    The safety standards need to be adhered to strictly. Not all the helmets available in the market comply with the standards. The buyers need to be aware of the standards and should be cautious enough not to buy any low-quality helmets. There are many manufacturers in the markets selling sub-standard helmets. Safety while doing dangerous jobs like welding is vital. So, all precautions need to be taken to protect the eye and out body while welding. Because you are working under a high temperature, all precautions need to be taken. By using a branded welding helmet, you are sure to get the needed protection while doing this dangerous work. Technology has provided us with helmets which can protect our eye and face, so why not use them and have a stress-free life. Wearing a proper helmet is must as it ...

  • The Perks Of Choosing A Used Car Over A New Car

    Whenever we decide to buy a car, we often consider new cars only. We might be having a dream car, but when we look at the price and see it is above our budget, we usually bury the dream and buy a lower priced car and adjust with it saying, such big cars can’t be afforded by us, we can only dream of owning it. Only the wealthy people will be able to ride it. But, no! It is not so. You can also ride the car of your dreams, and you can afford it easily if you opt for used cars. click here to find great used car options you could give a try. Before choosing which car to buy, try checking out its reviews at www.carsguide.com.au/. Read on to know more about the advantages of buying used cars over new cars:

    Saves Money

    Just imagine getting a car as good as new at half the price? Yes! That is exactly what used cars are about. It is estimated that used cars are sold off at approximately 50% less the price than a new car. Usually, customers tend to change cars after about 5 or 6 years. Hence, you can easily change the car when your interests change.

    No Worries About Value Depreciation

    One of the major worries you have, when you buy a new car, is the rate at which its value depreciates right from the moment you drive it out of car showroom. Just as you venture out on your first ride on your brand-new, the value of the car depreciates by about 11%. Hence, if you had bought a $20,000 car, as you step out in it from the car showroom, its value is lowered to about $17,800. Thus, the value keeps on depreciating as days, months and years progress. But, when you buy a used car, almost most of the depreciation has occurred already. Thus, there is no need to worry about loss of depreciation as you drive around in your car.

    No Extra Or Hidden Fees

    New cars often have many extra charges or even hidden fees included when you buy it. You would have to pay these charges extra besides the price of the car. The charges are named shipping charges, dealer preparation, destination fees, etc. Some cars even have hidden charges like advertising charges included with it. All these extra and hidden fees can together amount to a considerably high price. But in the case of used cars, there is no such extra or hidden fees. There will be only a small doc fee which just amounts to about 100 dollars.

    Customization Costs Are Comparatively Low

    When you buy a new car, you will have to agree to the costly add-ons offered by the dealer. But while buying a used car, you could buy much more cost-effective add-ons that are much more good in quality and lower in price. You could thus make use of the ...

  • How To Choose The Best Floor Jack

    When you want to do any repair work in your car, there are few things which are mandatory other than the tools needed for the job. Having said that you should have enough tools when you start with your car work which will avoid wastage of time. If you are looking for a floor jack, then you will get professional models like the arcan floor jack xl35. You can keep track of the best floor jacks in the market by checking www.forbes.com/ frequently.

    For dealing with car repairs, you should have theoretical knowledge and mechanical knowledge. People who are interested in automobile repairs will rely mostly on being patient and should use your common sense.

    By having the needed tools, you can avoid getting frustrated, and few tools will help you in safeguarding yourself and also for your well being. Even if few parts are broken during a repair, you can obviously do a replacement but making use of unsafe tools will lead to severe injury. If you fail to use the safety measures, then it would be hard to recover from accidents.

    The most important tool used in workshops and garages are the floor jacks which can be relied on. If this tool is not in proper shape, then it may lead to accidents related to safety. Apart from the tool as such the improper usage of the tool, purchasing the low-quality jacks which are not safe are also the top reasons for accidents. Floor Jack To have a deeper understanding, you should first understand what a floor jack means. The floor jack is also called as garage jack or car jack or jack which is a mechanical device which is designed which will be advantageous to lift heavy weight. Floor jacks serve a variety of purposes, and the primary use is to lift trucks and automobiles. A lot of mechanisms are involved in lifting, and for the most part, it is all about lead screws and hydraulics.

    Why Use Floor Jack After knowing about floor jack it's time to explore the possibilities which are related to the automotive world.Many of the auto mechanics differ from beginner level to professional level need enough ground clearance in working with their car to have easy access to components. The main reason to lift a car would be to reach out to the oil pan for draining and to lift the car to remove wheels for rotating the wheel. Other reasons to lift the car would include a change in brake pads, suspension jobs, transmission jobs and for performing exhaust work. Apart from car lifting the floor jacks can also be used to raise the motor to have added clearance inside the engine. It may also be useful to mount engine during replacement.

    Types Of Floor Jacks There are various types of floor plans. Some of them are Hydraulic Floor Jack, Scissor Jack and Piston Jack. The Hydraulic Floor Jack is the most recognized form of a floor ...

  • Renault On The Success Ride With Captur

    Renault is on a success ride with its model Captur. It is easy to see from the clarkson reviews that Renault has managed to establish a strong line of loyal customers who are eagerly waiting for innovations from the company. The www.carmagazine.co.uk/ has many positive reviews on the latest upgrades to the Captur series. This was introduced in 2013 by Renault. It is easy to see how they took over the market and captured the hearts of customers.Captur became the ruler of the SUV /Crossover segment within a short period. The sales in the previous year showed a lead of 214,571 over the popular models like Peugeot 2008 as well as Opel Mokka X. This states that Renault has managed to lead the race over the rival counterparts.

    The other popular competitors include Volkswagen with its releases of Seat. The Asian Giant Hyundai has tried its luck with Kona while Kia has come up with Stonic. In spite of all these new models being released parallelly, customers have shown more interest in purchasing the Capture, as per market surveys on purchasing decision reveal. Keeping in mind all this competition, Renault took a new stand and decided to introduce some upgraded features. Consumers are likely to get bored of the same features and will lose interest in the Company if they are not given anything new. This is a marketing strategy which affects the purchasing decision of consumers to a great extent. It is always a positive sign when a company takes an interest in their consumer buying pattern and alters the marketing strategies to suit latest customer requirements. The new upgraded features which Renault included in Captur are:- Newly designed interior as well as exterior choices for personalization A Luxury based Paris version –This version would start from more than 28000 Euros whereas the Trim Model –Life is a little above 17000 Euros. These added features are proving to be highly beneficial to the customers. Some of the features that have been an instant hit are:- Taller roof lines –Offer more capacity for cargo The higher Stance –offers better visibility for both the driver as well as passenger The engine has not been changed as the customer choices are remaining the same. They prefer the Tce gasoline engine (3 or 4 cylinders) which has 90/120 horsepower Dci Diesel 4 cylinder with 90/110 horsepower The working efficiency of these engines is optimal as per the consumer opinion survey results. The Renault Captur is most commonly bought by smaller families. As per the latest trends, those couples living in the city and who have no children or small kids are the top buyers for this model. Following this category comes the empty nesters.These are the older citizens whose children have left for college or jobs. They no longer require a bigger car and find it convenient to move around with the smaller version. Having a close watch on the market to understand the consumer ...

  • Interesting Ford Transit Facts

    Rock music is a well approved type of music, which is a mix of guitars, drums and bass. This music uses keyboard instruments like piano, synthesisers, electric organ, etc. There's a group of musicians who focus exclusively on rock music and they're called rock band. Rock music is growing increasingly popular through the world. The western youth especially likes hard rock.

    Folks are mad about music now. Whenever they've leisure time they would like to listen their favourite music. Music is created to give happiness to you. The fascinating world of music enables you to appreciate music in one kind or other. There are numerous kinds of music these days: jazz music, folk music, pop music and rock music. All these kind of music are pleasing to hear. The tunes take you through different emotions. Rock music is rapid and loud than anything you have heard before.

    In 1960, American and British rock bands became popular. Groups like Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, Queen, Black Sabbath, etc. are some of the well-known groups. In 1980,the music genre that was fairly popular was glam metal. The various artists like Twisted Sister, Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, Queen, Kiss, Sweet and the New York Dolls were the artists of 1980'sThis kind of music became popular in the 1950s in Europe and America. This well-known music is mostly based on older Whichever state the Ford Transit positions amongst its largest sellers. Within which time it's cemented itself as one of the most famous commercial vehicles the Transit lately had its 50th anniversary.Some of the known facts relating to this vehicle are as follows:

    In 1972 London's Metropolitan Police complemented by calling it "Britain's most sought van."Scotland Yard once described the Transit as the "perfect getaway vehicle" used in "95 per cent of bank raids".Sen'or Garcia, on October 1985, was captured by a freak snowstorm some 3000 metres up a mountain pass. He was compelled to abandon his Ford Transit. The vehicle couldn't be recovered and was later buried under five metres of snow. More than six months after Garcia returned to that spot and he was amazed to find that the bodywork of the Transit was just slightly damaged and the Transit started up at the first attempt and without further ado, he managed to drive it back home!His Transit to jump over 15 old automobiles was used by Steve Matthews. The changes that were only contained removing of gaffer taping and windows the doors and bonnet.

    Handlers turned to their Transit, while transferring two baby elephants at London Zoo in 1965.It travelled over 7,500 miles in the Sahara desert.The first Ford Transit was constructed at Langley, Berks in 1965.Before the creation got started Ford took £33 million of Ford Transit orders.Its name was given as Project Redcap when the Ford Transit was under development.Professor Reyner Banham once said, "If anthropologists and archaeologists continue ...

  • Commercial Vans: Are They Really Worth Leasing?

    Van leasing is a fresh craze today. Company owners with limited budget especially locate this choice money-making other than buying a substantial fleet of vans. Nevertheless, whether renting a van will be possible for you or not is a matter to determine. Well, renting a commercial vehicle would cost you half of the purchasing price.

    Although the first price of leasing is lower than the payment made in the long run, while purchasing this may not be the scenario. Moreover, you will be given no possession right by taking vehicles on lease and so at the end you'll not have any equity value to show for the investment you made.

    Even though, after these disadvantages you just cannot deny many edges van leasing can offer. Maybe you are understanding that vehicles lose their value with time. And this depreciation is determined into the lease arrangement. Therefore, you may understand the van should worth right in the end of the lease. You may have the influence to alter your vehicle and let a new if you choose leasing. In this way you can avoid using a depreciating asset.

    Experiencing shortage of cash, although people who are considering to possess commercial vans, van leasing may be a great option in their opinion. No down payment is needed by leasing a van. Nevertheless, even if does, they rest assured the sum would be a low one. Furthermore, you may have the capacity to drive a better equipped van and a high cost that you mightn't have the ability to afford to buy.

    On leasing you are going to ensure that you're driving a recently constructed van, which is covered by manufacturer's guarantee. In case you are wondering whether your van will be in a good condition or not, to allow you to understand most of the vans are. But there are exceptions also. You only need to check with the vans before leasing them.