Best Way To Choose The Suitable Stereo For Your Car

The Car Stereo is the most sophisticated and attractive part of your car's dashboard display. Apart from its essential function of managing the audio system of the car, it is the first thing visible to anyone who gets into the car. Therefore, it enhances the appearance value of your vehicle. Nowadays, these head units are usually provided fitted into the vehicle by car companies on a complimentary basis or at an additional cost. Or you can get the stereo installed in the car from outside, depending on the best deal you get. There are multiple companies manufacturing stereo systems for vehicles; you can go through various comparisons of car speaker review on multiple auto industry sites online like

In order to understand in depth, the functionality of car stereo, let us first study components of these head units. 1. Source: This function allows us to choose from the various mode of playing an audio which may include CD/DVD, Satellite radio, FM/AM scanner or the option of connecting an external device like phone or iPod through Auxiliary cord or Bluetooth. 2. Preamps: This art functional knobs and buttons on the stereo display which are used to adjust the other audio parameters like volume, tuning of FM channel, balance in sound clarity, time collection, auto connect Bluetooth for making calls through the system in the car by connecting your phone. 3. Amplifier: This device converts the low voltage audio signals sent from preamp into high voltage signals which are sent to speakers. With so many companies' models and patterns available in the market, it may get really confusing for the car owner to choose from. Kindly find below certain tips which may prove helpful. • Size of Head unit: Since different cars have different shape and size of sockets to fit in the stereo system, before finalizing the model, one should find out the size and depth of the socket and also if the car will support it in terms of power requirement. There are basically two types of sizes. Single DIN stereo which is 1 inch tall. And Double DIN which is 2 inches tall. In a socket for double DIN stereo, one can install the one-inch system as well along with other applications like GPS, graphic equalizer, etc. to cover the vacant space. • Sound Quality: A Superior inbuilt power source and efficient circuit design would produce cleaner, sharp and rich sound. Also, the size and quality of speakers matter to enhance the quality of sound. The proper positioning of speakers in from, middle and back side of the car would ensure optimum balance in sound distribution. Options for sound control and adjustment can be explored like parametric equalization • Response to frequency variations: The speakers should be able to maintain the quality of all sort of music, some would require a lower frequency of 50-60 hertz to those who have a high frequency of up to 20000 Hertz. • Compatibility with other sources of music: The system should smoothly sync with other devices like MP3, iPod, iPhone's, GPS navigator to announce the directions so that you can only focus on driving rather them flipping your eyes between wheel and phone, Bluetooth. Definitely, the major deciding factor is the budget you have for the car stereo system. There are multiple options with varied features. Depending your frequency of use and financial capabilities choose the appropriate system for your vehicle.