Renault On The Success Ride With Captur

Renault is on a success ride with its model Captur. It is easy to see from the clarkson reviews that Renault has managed to establish a strong line of loyal customers who are eagerly waiting for innovations from the company. The has many positive reviews on the latest upgrades to the Captur series. This was introduced in 2013 by Renault. It is easy to see how they took over the market and captured the hearts of customers.Captur became the ruler of the SUV /Crossover segment within a short period. The sales in the previous year showed a lead of 214,571 over the popular models like Peugeot 2008 as well as Opel Mokka X. This states that Renault has managed to lead the race over the rival counterparts.

The other popular competitors include Volkswagen with its releases of Seat. The Asian Giant Hyundai has tried its luck with Kona while Kia has come up with Stonic. In spite of all these new models being released parallelly, customers have shown more interest in purchasing the Capture, as per market surveys on purchasing decision reveal. Keeping in mind all this competition, Renault took a new stand and decided to introduce some upgraded features. Consumers are likely to get bored of the same features and will lose interest in the Company if they are not given anything new. This is a marketing strategy which affects the purchasing decision of consumers to a great extent. It is always a positive sign when a company takes an interest in their consumer buying pattern and alters the marketing strategies to suit latest customer requirements. The new upgraded features which Renault included in Captur are:- Newly designed interior as well as exterior choices for personalization A Luxury based Paris version –This version would start from more than 28000 Euros whereas the Trim Model –Life is a little above 17000 Euros. These added features are proving to be highly beneficial to the customers. Some of the features that have been an instant hit are:- Taller roof lines –Offer more capacity for cargo The higher Stance –offers better visibility for both the driver as well as passenger The engine has not been changed as the customer choices are remaining the same. They prefer the Tce gasoline engine (3 or 4 cylinders) which has 90/120 horsepower Dci Diesel 4 cylinder with 90/110 horsepower The working efficiency of these engines is optimal as per the consumer opinion survey results. The Renault Captur is most commonly bought by smaller families. As per the latest trends, those couples living in the city and who have no children or small kids are the top buyers for this model. Following this category comes the empty nesters.These are the older citizens whose children have left for college or jobs. They no longer require a bigger car and find it convenient to move around with the smaller version. Having a close watch on the market to understand the consumer preferences, keeping note of the competitor's moves and taking action at the right time –These are some of the winning strategies that Renault has adopted from the initial stages itself.