Right Choice For The Challenging Road Expeditions

Exploration works like mining, usually take place in very remote interiors, climatically challenging locations, high altitude limited access areas, General on-road trucks and specialized vehicles are not able to perform too well in these extreme situations. That's why the industry felt a need for designing highly efficient off-road trucks. Off Road Trucks Australia are the pioneer dealers of TATRA trucks, specialized heavy-duty vehicles.

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There are certain criteria's which differentiate the specialized off-road trucks from general on-road vehicles:

Considerable clearance from the ground: While the vehicle is on the uneven stretch of path with all possible obstacles from huge rocks to boulders, good ground clearance ensures smooth movement over these hindrances and also avoids any damage to the underside of the truck which can cause a serious accident. The approach and the departure angles of the structure plays a major role in smooth functioning of the vehicle.

Anti-skid grip: Especially in slippery terrains like smooth rocks, ice or water there is always a chance for the vehicle to skid and fall. Hence special steel skid plates are used in these heavy-duty vehicles to avoid any damage.

Stability of tires: In off-road routes, there are usually deep craters and steep movements. Hence independent suspension is used in this category of vehicles to move the tires, with the flexibility and stability smoothly.

Engine power and gearing: Especially for movements in high-level terrains, the ability of the engine to accelerate the vehicle at a lower gear are very crucial. The low-end torque allows the vehicle to overcome the obstructions without straining the working of the engine. Hence low-end torque is important for every off-road vehicle.

Types of tires- These vehicles have bigger tires, which have tougher sidewalls and appropriate rubber substance appropriate for a terrain.

These heavy-duty trucks are used in varied industries like defence, firefighting services with the customized truck to cater to the special needs, mining industry with customized options depending upon the exploration requirements. Other prime users of these trucks are forestry, Oil and gas industry where special vehicles with king frame suspensions are used.

The types of off-road trucks with few of the list of variants available are:

1.4X4- The types of vehicles under this include, high mobility cargo carriers, fuel fillers, heavy duty chassis

2.6X6- variants within this specification are cargo trucks, military troop-carrying trucks, container carriers.

3.8X8- Cargo and troop handler, heavy duty fuel tankers, trucks with handling units attached etc.


Since off-road vehicles run on very challenging terrains, there is a lot of wear and tear which happens. Hence there is a need for regular and extensive maintenance schedules for these vehicles. Since there are very limited manufacturers of these special need trucks world over, Repairs and spare part replacement are offered by all the dealers of these highly specialized vehicles.

These vehicles are both for sale and hire basis, depending upon the intensity of heavy duty work, a choice can be made between buying or hiring these highly efficient trucks.